Tuesday 24 October 2023

AGM - 2023 - November 8th

The next meeting, on November 9th, is our AGM. Our agenda is below.

The meeting also doubles as a Christmas Social – please bring a plate of nibbles suitable for a finger buffet, either sweet or savoury.

Saturday 24 June 2023

Summer Show 2023 (online)

Welcome to the Summer Shown 2023 - Online!  We have retained this show online, even with the particular difficulties this creates, for a number of reasons, not least because a number of our newer members are a bit reluctant to enter shows at first, but are much happier starting out by taking photos!  We keep saying that we will fight to keep our shows alive, and this format is one that we are hoping to continue and grow - although it will never be a replacement for real live shows such as our September event with tea and cakes!  We see it as an additional resource, and hope that you all do as well, as well as making good use of social media as we progress through the new century.

We did have a good number of entries from across the membership - new entrants as well as the "usual suspects", and we would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who made the effort to send photographs and to put in an entry - shows cannot exist without your support and it makes the effort to organise the shows worthwhile for Jilly and myself, the Show Elf.  

Using photographs does make the judging rather more difficult and subjective, as you cannot pick up the entries or turn them round for a closer look.  However, our Judge, Sylvia Pocock, is becoming quite adept at this new type of show, and we would like to thank her for her sterling work and willingness to judge in the first place!

We are still learning with respect to class descriptions (there is some overlap between classes and entry into the most appropriate can be a bit hit-and-miss), but it was good to see that the practicalities of taking and submitting photographs (such as the quality/size of the photo, the presentation, and letting us know which photo is which) is being adopted well by the membership, which makes our job assembling the show so much easier than when we started...any helpful suggestions or comments from members would be appreciated.

Do remember - when you get to the bottom of the page, click on the button for "Older Posts" underneath the entries to move to the next set of classes.

Awards for the Summer Show 2023

We do award some cups for the show, and are pleased to announce the following:

Nineham Challenge Cup - Overall Show Winner - Sandy Berry

Lady Burnett Bowl - Best Floral Art Arrangement, Class 1 - Pat Thorn

Bennet Cup - Best Exhibit in Miniature Floral Art, Class 2 - Rosemary Buchan

Brux Rose Bowl - Most points in the Rose Classes 4-9 excluding Class 8 - Jeremy Ball

Class 1 - Floral art arrangement of flower and foliage in own container

First Prize - Pat Thorn

Second Prize - Carol Marshall


Class 2 - Miniature exhibit of flowers, in own container, not to exceed 4 inches in height /width/depth including container (on trust!)


Third Prize - Carole McGuire

First Prize - Rosemary Buchan

Second Prize - Pat Thorn

Class 3 - Vase of cut flowers from your garden

Second Prize - Sue Warren

First Prize - Sue Warren

Third Prize - Sue Hyman


Class 4 - Up to 3 rose stems, large flowered, may be mixed, in a vase or on the bush

First Prize - Karen Sorensen

Second Prize - Linda Wells

Third Prize - Jeremy Ball


Class 5 - Up to 3 rose stems, cluster flowered, max be mixed, in a vase or on the bush


Second Prize - Jeremy Ball

Third Prize - Sandy Berry

First Prize - Paul and Brenda Parry

Class 6 - 1 specimen rose, in own vase, large flowered

Third Prize - Bryan Wells

Second Prize - Jeremy Ball

First Prize - Jackie Chapman